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Determine if you’re a Real Sports Fan

How would you know if someone is a real sports fan or not? Sports is indeed a huge thing not just in America and Europe but also in different parts of the globe. For one thing, sports can be divided into different types and categories.

Normally, it is easy to say that someone is a real sports fan if he/she really spends money on buying a ticket every time his/her favorite player or team is on the field, ring, or court. But of course, basing it to the number of tickets you’ve bought can be a little unfair if you know for yourself that you’re a loyal sports fan even if you prefer to watch on TV only.

But to give you more input and to confirm if you’re really a sports fan, here are the things you might put on your checklist:

You Support Your Hometown Team

Normally, fans start being a fan by following the progress of their hometown team or players unless the area they grew up doesn’t really have a team to represent them. Nonetheless, you still enjoy watching the games like soccer. For instance, some sports fans from Toronto root for Buffalo Bills since there is no soccer team from the Southern Ontario yet.

1. You Stick with One Team Only

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In case that your hometown was finally given a franchise, you have a choice to stick to your old team or switch to the new team. Take note that you have to choose only one team. Others might say you can but if you value the word “loyalty” you’ll stick to only one team just as you should when it comes to your relationship.

2. No Switching Teams from Time to Time

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Though switching to a new soccer team is quite tempting, you should be able to resist it as a true sports fan. No matter what happens, you should stick to your chosen team and support them like you’re their number fan in the world.

3. Relocation shouldn’t be a Problem

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Going to another state or country can be necessary sometimes especially if you want to pursue your education and career. However, it doesn’t mean that you can have an excuse to change the team you will support. You should still stick to the original team even if you relocated to a new state or country.

4. Free Agent Players

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In some cases, some players transfer to a new team as a free agent. But just like relocating, you should still stick with your team unless it’s your favorite player who transferred to a new team and you no longer care about the rest of the team. But then again, take note of the word loyalty and how much you value it.

Once you choose a team to root for, you should be able to tell something about the rest of the team members and not just about your favorite player. Supporting a team means you have to support everyone in the team no matter what.

So, are you a real sports fan or not? Follow our next post for further information!