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Purchase Major League Soccer Jerseys Like a Pro

Can you tell is an MLS jersey is authentic or fake? If someone offered you to buy his framed vintage jersey, can you tell if it is a fact or a bluff? Well, when it comes to money and sports, there are really lots of people out there who are ready to grab every opportunity they could get just for some money. Some naïve fans tend to become the target of scammers online and offline by selling them fake MLS jerseys.

Therefore, you can never really tell whether the jersey you are going to purchase online is a replica or regular authentic. The posted features and other details are indeed helpful but an online shop without customer reviews isn’t enough to convince a true soccer fan with a keen eye for details. But if you’ve never seen a regular authentic jersey before, here are the things that will surely help you distinguish the fake ones from the authentic ones.

Cheap Authentic MLS Jersey

First thing’s first, authentic MLS jerseys aren’t cheap! So if you happen to see one on sale for only $30 or less which is “too good to be true”, you’re absolutely correct! Authentic MLS jerseys are always costly. For instance, authentic Nike soccer jerseys cost from $90.00 to $147.97 per item. If you already experienced this before, take it as a lesson to be learned especially if you’ve spent $100 or more for a fake jersey.

Did you know that there were more than 800,000 fake soccer jerseys that were sold online in 2011? Since then, more and more fake soccer jerseys were produced and sold on the market.

Perfect Replicas

20% of soccer fans who buy soccer jerseys didn’t know they end up with an illegitimate product. On the other hand, there are fans who are more concerned about getting a good deal than getting an authentic jersey so they usually hunt for imitations, unlike other regular soccer customers.

In case you had a change of heart and decided to go for replicas instead for an authentic product, be sure that it’s the “perfect replica”. At least you’d be wearing a not too obvious replica unless others really know how to spot a replica in one look. So to ensure the quality of your replica jersey, go for legit shops that really sell both authentic and high-quality replicas online or on their physical shop.

Trusted Sellers

If you know how to spot a high-quality soccer jersey even if it is just a replica, the next thing you have to worry about is getting your order. If you prefer buying online and you know what to look for based on the provided information of the online shop, be sure if you’re dealing with a trusted seller. Otherwise, there’s no point of knowing how to scrutinize a quality product if you’ve got a bogus seller.

Remember, some online shops may have really posted authentic soccer jerseys to lure customers but they never deliver orders after receiving payments. In the end, getting a fake one seems so much better compared to getting nothing in return at all.