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Living like a True Soccer Fan

Aside from having a regular job to make an income, isn’t it more fan to have other things you can focus on? You can work hard all day during weekdays then relax during weekends. Within the sports industry, a lot of people have already asked the same question over and over again which states “are you are real soccerfan?”.

Are You a True Soccer Fan?

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Do you have to know everything about soccer to be called a true soccer fan? Do you have to read and memorize the history of a certain team? These are the common questions that people usually ask to themselves when it comes to the statement in question. So, if you were asked the same question, what would be your answer? While I won’t argue with the idea of being a true fan wherein a fan sticks to his team whether they win or lose. No matter what is their decision and strategy on the field, he would never switch teams.

A True Fan Stays Passionate

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Since people have different opinions regarding this issue, living like a true soccer fan all boils down to one thing. Passion. Indeed, being a true soccer fan is not just about memorization of the soccer teams, their players’ names, their game history, and other technical things. If you really living the life a true soccer fan, you should be passionate at all times toward your team. Even when they’re losing, cheer for them as if they are winning the game instead of living them behind because you think they disappointed you.

The Clothes and the Words

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You don’t have to be the particular fan who screams on top of your lungs while watching the game. You don’t have to throw every bad word there is in the dictionary to the opposing team because you think that is what a true fan does. As a matter of fact, doing these things won’t give you an easy pass to the club even though most fans do that.

Moreover, wearing the color or jersey of the team you are rooting for is one of the most common things that “soccer fans” do. But if you wear yours just for a show-off and you are doing other things like browsing the social media instead of watching, are you really sure you’re a fan?

Flexible Schedules for the Win

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As a true fan, the schedules of soccer games are very important. As a matter of fact, you should be able to embrace a flexible schedule all the time. No matter what sort of schedule your team has, you should be able to adjust your schedule. Your day should be clear from other things but watching the game so you can bleed and scream with joy together with other fans out there.

As a true soccer fan, we are not afraid to express our anger and anguish every time we lose. At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that soccer is just a game and players are humans too. They face trials and overcome them just like everyone else. With that, you should think as if you’re the last member of their team to be more connected with them.