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How to Buy Your First Soccer Jersey

Have you been searching for a shop where you can buy your first ever FIFA World CupJersey? Every year, tons of soccer fans from all different parts of the world come together to watch their favorite teams as they clash for the World Cup. Some fans simply watch and sit in front of their TVs while others spend money for buying a ticket to witness the live game in person.

Wherever fans are during the game, they never miss the chance to wear the color of their favorite teams. Most loyal soccerfans can’t just get enough with a simple shirt with the color of their idols because they prefer jerseys. Why not? Jerseys look cooler and of course higher in price. Authentic jerseys aren’t cheap, especially if what you’re looking for are soccer jerseys.

To make you understand better how to pick the best soccer jersey for your collection, take a look at these 2 major pointers below:


There are more types of soccerjerseys on the market than you can imagine. Of course, each type of jersey can be distinguished according to its style, materials, and quality. As a customer, you should do your homework and do a little research like reading different jersey reviews. Check the features of each type to help you determine the best. There are various shops where you can buy soccerjerseys whether you prefer to visit a physical shop or simply shop online.


Aside from the type of jersey, be sure to check the size before proceeding to pay for your jersey. To know the exact fit of your jersey, get the measurement of your neck, waist, chest, arm length, and hip. You can also check universal size chart of jerseys in inches.

Types of Jersey


As its name suggests, throwback jerseys should feature the number and name of the retired soccerplayers. These jerseys are also available with stitched logos, letters, and numbers. Just like the regular authentic jerseys, these jerseys should also have the same quality and material that the retired players have used back then.

Regular Authentic

Regular authentic jerseys are the original copies of the players’ jerseys during the game. The fabric should be heavy with spandex gussets to support the sides of your jersey. These jerseys also feature stitched letters and numbers on the back, front, and sleeves. These jerseys should also have a mesh body, double-stitch construction, external logos, authentic labels, and of course a drop tail.


Replica jerseys also have most of the authentic jerseys’ features especially the tags and official logos. However, its numbers and letters are screen-printed only instead of stitched. Take note that replica jerseys also use thinner fabrics compared to the original ones that use heavy fabric. Most importantly, replicas are so much cheaper so it’s perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

To make sure that your jersey is in a perfect condition for purchase when you buy online, shop on legit and established online shops only. You could also visit their physical shop to check the quality of their jerseys personally.