featured2 - How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

Since sports is a big thing all over the world, more and more businesses sprout to cater for sports fans. Not to mention that the population of online sellers and online shops are growing each year. On the other hand, the production of imitations has also reached the sports industry. Every year, millions of imitation products such as jerseys and sports equipment are being sold on the market.

The sad part is that some customers don’t even know how to separate the authentic products from the fake ones.

Puma Jerseys

1 - How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

1. Shirt’s fit

The number thing that only an authentic Puma soccer jersey has is its skin-tight fit shirt since a replica is 100% made from polyester. Authentic Puma soccer jerseys use powerCell technology and lycra which made it just like a compression shirt and stretches well around your every muscle. The replicas of Puma jerseys use the traditional design of soccer shirts which is loose-fitting.

2. Design

Visually, the details of the design that can be found on the authentic and replicas are the same.

3. Puma’s Logo

If the design of authentic and replica jerseys can be a little confusing, just check its logo. The authentic cat log of Puma should be heat pressed instead of embroidered which can be seen on replicas. The heat pressed logo lessens the weight of the shirt and prevents the irritation that players usually feel while on the field.

4. Puma’s ACTV Tape

One of the key innovations that authentic Puma jerseys have is its ACTV Tape. This is an elasticized silicon ribbing which is inserted carefully inside the shirt. This high-tech tape provides a strong grip to the muscle groups in order to rouse and enhance the energy within these areas. This tape also offers a micro-massage which allows your muscles to perform better for a longer period.

Nike Jerseys

2 - How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

1. Collar Tag

All authentic Nike jerseys should have neckline details at the back that features a woven“BARCA” into the collar while the replicas are heat pressed.

2. Club Crest

So far, other manufacturers struggle to replicate the club crest on Nike jerseys. So if it features a heat pressed club crest and Nike swoosh on it, you’ve got the real one.

3. Sleeves Details

Take note that original Nike’s AeroSwift jerseys have intricate detail on the sleeves too. Nike added a special messaging that is woven underneath their soccer sleeves. The authentic jerseys feature the words “Valent and “Un Crit” on the underside of both sleeves which means “Our Cry is Bold” in Catalan.

4. Authentic Tag

A Nike jersey is authentic if its authentic tag is gold and not silver which should be found on the bottom right of the shirt’s panel.

Now that you know what to look for when examining the features of an authentic soccer jersey, be sure that the fabric is heavy and you’re all good. Be a smart buyer by doing your homework to avoid fake soccer jerseys!

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