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Healthy Tips for Fans for Soccer Time

The wait is over! After months of waiting finally, soccer season is back in your life once again. Do you know the meaning of this, it’s time for you to pick a team to support, talk to your friends and spend your weekends at home watching the greatest sports everyone is talking about, soccer.

As the soccer matches begin, you’ll soon be stuck at home watching your favorite team and for sure food is a huge part of your weekend. But I am not talking about healthy food like salads, fruits or a complete meal. What I’m talking about are junk foods like soda, chips and more.

Although its soccer time, it does not mean that you need to set aside your fitness goals. How about achieving your dream of having a body of a soccer player which is lean, masculine and strong? I know that food is part of your soccer watching ritual but they are ways on how you can enjoy eating, watching the game and staying healthy.

Health Tips for Soccer Fans like you:

1. Avoid the so-called “mindless munching”

31 - Healthy Tips for Fans for Soccer Time

If your friends brought so many foods, what you need to do is to get far away from the temptation. What you’re going to do is not a sign of weakness but is a smart choice. You can do this by simply staying away from food that is not good for you. If the temptation is strong, walk away from it.

2. Personalize your party snacks

32 - Healthy Tips for Fans for Soccer Time

If your friends are coming over to your place to watch the game and your cooking foods, you don’t really have to give-up the traditional party favors. All you need to do is to make a healthier version of it not only for you but for your friends as well. If you and your friends are crazy about nachos, make your own healthier version of nachos using shredded chicken breast and top it with diced tomatoes, chopped scallions, Greek yogurt and avocado slices.

3. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

33 - Healthy Tips for Fans for Soccer Time

Before your guests arrive, make sure to drink plenty of water because it is easy to mistake thirst for hunger and nothing can hydrate your body better than water. If you find water boring and you want to infuse a little flavor on it, you can add some herbs, fruits, and vegetables to your water.

4. Limit your Alcohol Intake

34 - Healthy Tips for Fans for Soccer Time

You can change the fact that alcohol is always part of soccer watching but, alcohol promotes dehydration, too much intake can eventually lead to the wrong choice of food and it’s a very poor source of calories. If you cannot avoid alcohol because of your peers, stick with just,1-2 serving of light beer.

5. Go for non-starchy veggies and lean meat

35 - Healthy Tips for Fans for Soccer Time

As you make your plate, fill it up with non-starchy veggies because it can easily fill you up with a healthy and enough doses of water, vitamins, and minerals that will keep you satisfied. When it comes to lean meat you can have pork chops, sirloin, T-bone or lean ground meat.

By following these healthy tips, you can ensure that you are not only enjoying the soccerl games but you are helping yourself as well by keeping yourself healthy.


Real Madrid Midfielder Premier League Bound?

With the 2018 World Cup in full swing, the transfer market seems to be put on hold as the top players on the planet do battle in Russia.  However, there are many players at the tournament who face an uncertain future next season and one of those men is Mateo Kovacic.

The midfielder is enjoying himself at the World Cup with Croatia, has his team look set to reach the latter stages of the tournament following an excellent win over Argentina.

Lack of Game Time

The Real Madrid player has yet to start a match for his country at the World Cup and it’s a familiar feeling for the former Inter Milan star.  Kovacic won the Champions League with Real Madrid this season but only featured in seven games during the tournament.

Kovacic’s game time was also restricted in La Liga, where the Croat made just 21 appearances across 38 games in the league.  At 24 years of age, Kovacic is entering a crucial stage of his career and with fellow countryman, Luka Modric plus Toni Kroos and Casemiro keeping him out of the Real Madrid starting XI, it could be time to make a move.

Having started his senior career at Dinamo Zagreb, Kovacic caught the attention of Inter Milan where he played for three seasons before securing a move to the Santiago Bernabeu.  However, as the competition for places increased at Real Madrid, Kovacic has found his playing time reduced and many of his appearances this season have come from the bench.

Playing Style

Kovacic is regarded by many as a complete midfielder and can operate anywhere across the central area of the pitch.  Starting life as an attacking midfielder, Kovacic played in a deeper role for Inter Milan and likes to keep the game simple.

Kovacic’s creativity is not great but having been deployed more in a holding midfield role during his time in Italy and Spain, that does not come as a surprise.  However, Kovacic possesses all the ingredients for a top central midfielder, with passing, strength, control and simple dribbling the key aspects to his game.

Manchester City and Arsenal Interested?

His skills and lack of game time has placed several Premier League clubs on alert, with Manchester City and Arsenal thought to be leading the way.

Manchester City seem to have hit a dead end in their pursuit of Napoli midfielder Jorginho and Pep Guardiola is set to turn his attention elsewhere.  Kovacic would fit the bill nicely but will he be guaranteed plenty of games at the Etihad?

Speaking to Marca, Kovacic said, “I would like to play more at Real Madrid because I love football and I love being on the pitch.” The odds at Ladbrokes are good for a transfer. More infos you can find in this Ladbrokes review.

If first team football is what Kovacic wants, the better move may be to Arsenal, who have recently released Jack Wilshere.  With Unai Emery taking over at the club, Kovacic could be the midfield general Arsenal have been missing in recent seasons and would add some much needed stability to the team.


Everyday Diet of Soccer Players Revealed!

Do you want to be a famous soccer player someday? Well, if you want to be one of the big boys, you must prepare yourself for the next try out. If you’re thinking that your figure or body built is enough to join your soccer team, well think again.

Soccer, unlike any other sports, has physical demands with the players. A great body is not enough if you’re not meeting your nutritional needs that will keep you active and sharp during the game. A healthy and low-fat diet with a perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins is every soccer player’s secret to success.

Let’s do a rundown of what soccer players should eat.

Caloric Intake for Everyday

As an aspiring soccer player, your calorie intake depends on the level of your training and the position you are planning to play. But in general, you have to consume about 5000 calories a day and according to the American Dietetic Association, you have to consume more than 2.7 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight a day.

For extreme training, your body might need 3.6-4.5 grams of carbs per day and consume 0.6 – 0.8 grams of protein per pound of your body weight a day. Like any other athletes, you have to watch your fat intake. Although healthy fat is critical to keep your body functioning well, a daily intake of 0.45 grams of fat is essential.


With the game of soccer, your most important source of energy is carbohydrates. It’s so essential that 60 percent of your caloric intake should come from carbs. What are the sources of carbohydrates in food? You can get it from whole grain bread, fruits, and pasta.


You are aware that proteins can help build muscle but it can do more than that. Protein can make carbohydrate digest slowly for that long lasting energy when they are eaten together. You can get protein from turkey, fish, beef, milk, cheese, and eggs.

Healthy Fats

If you are going after your dream if being a successful soccer player, your diet should only include a small level of fat because it can increase your chance of attaining gastrointestinal issues. It is greatly advised that you only consume 30% of your daily calories that come from healthy fat sources like seeds, canola, olive oil, and nuts.

Ideal Meal for your Try Out!

Before your much awaited try out, it is advised that you stay away from fatty foods and focus on foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein. Here are some of the examples of a try out meal like, turkey sub with fresh salad and yogurt, ham and fruit, waffle and egg, salad and fruit. These meals will provide you with the energy you need for your soccer try out and hopefully it can get you ON the team.


Proper Gear for the Famous Game of Soccer

Amongst all the sports, the majority of people are going crazy over soccer. This sport is played by two opposing teams consisted of eleven (11) players. Each team defends goal at the opposite end of the field and can gain points by carrying the ball across the opponent’s goal line or by drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar between the team’s goal posts.

If you’ll take time to analyze how the game works, you’ll come up with a realization that the game really requires hard work and practice for both teams to make a score. But, do you know that practice and hard work is nothing if the players do not use the right set of gear during the game.

Proper Soccer gear

Using proper gear in the game of football is essential for players because it can prevent injuries and can boost player’s performance in the field. What are essential gears needed by soccer players?

1. Soccer Cleats/Shoes

A pair of great soccer cleats is essential for the game. It is highly recommended that the shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and appropriate on any football level. Similar to other gear, players have choices when it comes to football cleats. They can select from high-tops, mid-highs, and low-tops.

2. Soccer Helmet

In the game of soccer, players can choose from two types of helmets such as air helmets and suspension helmets. Whatever the player chose, they both provide protection to the players head. Players must use any of these helmets at all times during the practice and on the actual game.

3. Facemask

Using of a facemask with this kind of sport is essential. It protects the players face from attaining any injuries. But unlike other masks, soccer facemask resembles a cage in front of the helmet which is made from steel but is covered with plastic.

4. Shoulder Pads

This gear varies in size and style in order to accommodate the size of the player. In choosing their shoulder pads, the players must ensure that it’s comfortable and fits their body correctly. To prevent any sort of injury, they must fasten all the straps and buckles.

5. Mouth Guards

All levels of soccer game require players to wear mouth guards, but the style fully depends on the player’s choice. They have three kinds of mouth guards to choose from such as the Basic Mouth Guard, The Boxer Style Mouth Guard, and The Lip Guard.

6. Soccer Cleats/Shoes

A pair of great soccer cleats is essential for the game. It is highly recommended that the shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and appropriate on any football level. Similar to other gear, players have choices when it comes to football cleats. They can select from high-tops, mid-highs, and low-tops.

These are the essential gears needed by players in the game football. It is important that they use it every time they are in practice and in the game to ensure their safety and to prevent having extreme injuries.


Purchase Major League Soccer Jerseys Like a Pro

Can you tell is an MLS jersey is authentic or fake? If someone offered you to buy his framed vintage jersey, can you tell if it is a fact or a bluff? Well, when it comes to money and sports, there are really lots of people out there who are ready to grab every opportunity they could get just for some money. Some naïve fans tend to become the target of scammers online and offline by selling them fake MLS jerseys.

Therefore, you can never really tell whether the jersey you are going to purchase online is a replica or regular authentic. The posted features and other details are indeed helpful but an online shop without customer reviews isn’t enough to convince a true soccer fan with a keen eye for details. But if you’ve never seen a regular authentic jersey before, here are the things that will surely help you distinguish the fake ones from the authentic ones.

Cheap Authentic MLS Jersey

First thing’s first, authentic MLS jerseys aren’t cheap! So if you happen to see one on sale for only $30 or less which is “too good to be true”, you’re absolutely correct! Authentic MLS jerseys are always costly. For instance, authentic Nike soccer jerseys cost from $90.00 to $147.97 per item. If you already experienced this before, take it as a lesson to be learned especially if you’ve spent $100 or more for a fake jersey.

Did you know that there were more than 800,000 fake soccer jerseys that were sold online in 2011? Since then, more and more fake soccer jerseys were produced and sold on the market.

Perfect Replicas

20% of soccer fans who buy soccer jerseys didn’t know they end up with an illegitimate product. On the other hand, there are fans who are more concerned about getting a good deal than getting an authentic jersey so they usually hunt for imitations, unlike other regular soccer customers.

In case you had a change of heart and decided to go for replicas instead for an authentic product, be sure that it’s the “perfect replica”. At least you’d be wearing a not too obvious replica unless others really know how to spot a replica in one look. So to ensure the quality of your replica jersey, go for legit shops that really sell both authentic and high-quality replicas online or on their physical shop.

Trusted Sellers

If you know how to spot a high-quality soccer jersey even if it is just a replica, the next thing you have to worry about is getting your order. If you prefer buying online and you know what to look for based on the provided information of the online shop, be sure if you’re dealing with a trusted seller. Otherwise, there’s no point of knowing how to scrutinize a quality product if you’ve got a bogus seller.

Remember, some online shops may have really posted authentic soccer jerseys to lure customers but they never deliver orders after receiving payments. In the end, getting a fake one seems so much better compared to getting nothing in return at all.


Living like a True Soccer Fan

Aside from having a regular job to make an income, isn’t it more fan to have other things you can focus on? You can work hard all day during weekdays then relax during weekends. Within the sports industry, a lot of people have already asked the same question over and over again which states “are you are real soccerfan?”.

Are You a True Soccer Fan?

21 - Living like a True Soccer Fan

Do you have to know everything about soccer to be called a true soccer fan? Do you have to read and memorize the history of a certain team? These are the common questions that people usually ask to themselves when it comes to the statement in question. So, if you were asked the same question, what would be your answer? While I won’t argue with the idea of being a true fan wherein a fan sticks to his team whether they win or lose. No matter what is their decision and strategy on the field, he would never switch teams.

A True Fan Stays Passionate

22 - Living like a True Soccer Fan

Since people have different opinions regarding this issue, living like a true soccer fan all boils down to one thing. Passion. Indeed, being a true soccer fan is not just about memorization of the soccer teams, their players’ names, their game history, and other technical things. If you really living the life a true soccer fan, you should be passionate at all times toward your team. Even when they’re losing, cheer for them as if they are winning the game instead of living them behind because you think they disappointed you.

The Clothes and the Words

23 - Living like a True Soccer Fan

You don’t have to be the particular fan who screams on top of your lungs while watching the game. You don’t have to throw every bad word there is in the dictionary to the opposing team because you think that is what a true fan does. As a matter of fact, doing these things won’t give you an easy pass to the club even though most fans do that.

Moreover, wearing the color or jersey of the team you are rooting for is one of the most common things that “soccer fans” do. But if you wear yours just for a show-off and you are doing other things like browsing the social media instead of watching, are you really sure you’re a fan?

Flexible Schedules for the Win

24 - Living like a True Soccer Fan

As a true fan, the schedules of soccer games are very important. As a matter of fact, you should be able to embrace a flexible schedule all the time. No matter what sort of schedule your team has, you should be able to adjust your schedule. Your day should be clear from other things but watching the game so you can bleed and scream with joy together with other fans out there.

As a true soccer fan, we are not afraid to express our anger and anguish every time we lose. At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that soccer is just a game and players are humans too. They face trials and overcome them just like everyone else. With that, you should think as if you’re the last member of their team to be more connected with them.


Soccer game is always a team sport

How to enhance your soccer game

The best way to enhance your soccer game is to practice it every day. Try dribble as fast as you can, you can do it even in your own backyard. Spend time alone working and developing on your skills, or practice it with a friend and with your team. Stay focused and communicates with your teammates during practices and games. For more tips and tricks, like how to enhance your sense of orientation, read on!

  • Always remember that soccer that develops the camaraderie of a team. Bear that in mind. Never play for your own victory, but for the whole team. Play with your as one. Never compete with your teammates. It is better to sacrifice some personal credit for the team.
  • Move the ball much more than to yourself.It is an energy-saving technique. If you put your time running on the field, you will be tired within the 10-20minutes. The ball always moves faster than anyone of you. Save your strength and energy for the time when you really need to run.
  • If you think before your enemy where the ball is going to go then you have the benefit on it. If you just stay with the ball at your feet and you think about what to do, by then you are going to lose the ball. The best players are the fastest thinkers.
  • Don’t let your enemy receive the ball so precisely. They need to receive the ball facing backwards. Put burden on them and force them to make a wrong move. But be careful always of compelling a foul or harming your opponent.
  • You have to remain focused. Bear that in mind that the game hasn’t done until the referee announce it. So don’t lose yourself in thinking that you are going to win and thinking that you only have a little time  remember that every seconds count. Even the last seconds can make you lose a game or win it.
  • Make your enemy thinks that you are going one way, then go to the other way. Put puzzle on his mind. And when your enemy has the ball, close him down fast. Make him confuse before he’s think about an attack.
  • Use the sides of the field.If there are too many people in the center, it will be difficult to create game in that area, so use wing-men on your team to exploit the sides. Penetrate those areas and then send the ball to the center for a teammate to finish the play.

Hint: Be careful not to knock the ball out of bounds of the field when you do this.

  • Spread out.A common mistake of the teams and most players have is all the players clustering close to the ball. If your enemy has the ball, one person is more than enough. If teammate has the ball give them the space he needs.

This is the most significant tip on this article, focus here. ENJOY THE GAME! If you’re not enjoying and not putting your heart on the game, then why are you still playing?

info1 - Soccer game is always a team sport

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Determine if you’re a Real Sports Fan

How would you know if someone is a real sports fan or not? Sports is indeed a huge thing not just in America and Europe but also in different parts of the globe. For one thing, sports can be divided into different types and categories.

Normally, it is easy to say that someone is a real sports fan if he/she really spends money on buying a ticket every time his/her favorite player or team is on the field, ring, or court. But of course, basing it to the number of tickets you’ve bought can be a little unfair if you know for yourself that you’re a loyal sports fan even if you prefer to watch on TV only.

But to give you more input and to confirm if you’re really a sports fan, here are the things you might put on your checklist:

You Support Your Hometown Team

Normally, fans start being a fan by following the progress of their hometown team or players unless the area they grew up doesn’t really have a team to represent them. Nonetheless, you still enjoy watching the games like soccer. For instance, some sports fans from Toronto root for Buffalo Bills since there is no soccer team from the Southern Ontario yet.

1. You Stick with One Team Only

11 - Determine if you’re a Real Sports Fan

In case that your hometown was finally given a franchise, you have a choice to stick to your old team or switch to the new team. Take note that you have to choose only one team. Others might say you can but if you value the word “loyalty” you’ll stick to only one team just as you should when it comes to your relationship.

2. No Switching Teams from Time to Time

12 - Determine if you’re a Real Sports Fan

Though switching to a new soccer team is quite tempting, you should be able to resist it as a true sports fan. No matter what happens, you should stick to your chosen team and support them like you’re their number fan in the world.

3. Relocation shouldn’t be a Problem

13 - Determine if you’re a Real Sports Fan

Going to another state or country can be necessary sometimes especially if you want to pursue your education and career. However, it doesn’t mean that you can have an excuse to change the team you will support. You should still stick to the original team even if you relocated to a new state or country.

4. Free Agent Players

14 - Determine if you’re a Real Sports Fan

In some cases, some players transfer to a new team as a free agent. But just like relocating, you should still stick with your team unless it’s your favorite player who transferred to a new team and you no longer care about the rest of the team. But then again, take note of the word loyalty and how much you value it.

Once you choose a team to root for, you should be able to tell something about the rest of the team members and not just about your favorite player. Supporting a team means you have to support everyone in the team no matter what.

So, are you a real sports fan or not? Follow our next post for further information!


How to Buy Your First Soccer Jersey

Have you been searching for a shop where you can buy your first ever FIFA World CupJersey? Every year, tons of soccer fans from all different parts of the world come together to watch their favorite teams as they clash for the World Cup. Some fans simply watch and sit in front of their TVs while others spend money for buying a ticket to witness the live game in person.

Wherever fans are during the game, they never miss the chance to wear the color of their favorite teams. Most loyal soccerfans can’t just get enough with a simple shirt with the color of their idols because they prefer jerseys. Why not? Jerseys look cooler and of course higher in price. Authentic jerseys aren’t cheap, especially if what you’re looking for are soccer jerseys.

To make you understand better how to pick the best soccer jersey for your collection, take a look at these 2 major pointers below:


There are more types of soccerjerseys on the market than you can imagine. Of course, each type of jersey can be distinguished according to its style, materials, and quality. As a customer, you should do your homework and do a little research like reading different jersey reviews. Check the features of each type to help you determine the best. There are various shops where you can buy soccerjerseys whether you prefer to visit a physical shop or simply shop online.


Aside from the type of jersey, be sure to check the size before proceeding to pay for your jersey. To know the exact fit of your jersey, get the measurement of your neck, waist, chest, arm length, and hip. You can also check universal size chart of jerseys in inches.

Types of Jersey


As its name suggests, throwback jerseys should feature the number and name of the retired soccerplayers. These jerseys are also available with stitched logos, letters, and numbers. Just like the regular authentic jerseys, these jerseys should also have the same quality and material that the retired players have used back then.

Regular Authentic

Regular authentic jerseys are the original copies of the players’ jerseys during the game. The fabric should be heavy with spandex gussets to support the sides of your jersey. These jerseys also feature stitched letters and numbers on the back, front, and sleeves. These jerseys should also have a mesh body, double-stitch construction, external logos, authentic labels, and of course a drop tail.


Replica jerseys also have most of the authentic jerseys’ features especially the tags and official logos. However, its numbers and letters are screen-printed only instead of stitched. Take note that replica jerseys also use thinner fabrics compared to the original ones that use heavy fabric. Most importantly, replicas are so much cheaper so it’s perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

To make sure that your jersey is in a perfect condition for purchase when you buy online, shop on legit and established online shops only. You could also visit their physical shop to check the quality of their jerseys personally.


How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

Since sports is a big thing all over the world, more and more businesses sprout to cater for sports fans. Not to mention that the population of online sellers and online shops are growing each year. On the other hand, the production of imitations has also reached the sports industry. Every year, millions of imitation products such as jerseys and sports equipment are being sold on the market.

The sad part is that some customers don’t even know how to separate the authentic products from the fake ones.

Puma Jerseys

1 - How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

1. Shirt’s fit

The number thing that only an authentic Puma soccer jersey has is its skin-tight fit shirt since a replica is 100% made from polyester. Authentic Puma soccer jerseys use powerCell technology and lycra which made it just like a compression shirt and stretches well around your every muscle. The replicas of Puma jerseys use the traditional design of soccer shirts which is loose-fitting.

2. Design

Visually, the details of the design that can be found on the authentic and replicas are the same.

3. Puma’s Logo

If the design of authentic and replica jerseys can be a little confusing, just check its logo. The authentic cat log of Puma should be heat pressed instead of embroidered which can be seen on replicas. The heat pressed logo lessens the weight of the shirt and prevents the irritation that players usually feel while on the field.

4. Puma’s ACTV Tape

One of the key innovations that authentic Puma jerseys have is its ACTV Tape. This is an elasticized silicon ribbing which is inserted carefully inside the shirt. This high-tech tape provides a strong grip to the muscle groups in order to rouse and enhance the energy within these areas. This tape also offers a micro-massage which allows your muscles to perform better for a longer period.

Nike Jerseys

2 - How to Avoid Fake Nike and Reebok Soccer Jerseys

1. Collar Tag

All authentic Nike jerseys should have neckline details at the back that features a woven“BARCA” into the collar while the replicas are heat pressed.

2. Club Crest

So far, other manufacturers struggle to replicate the club crest on Nike jerseys. So if it features a heat pressed club crest and Nike swoosh on it, you’ve got the real one.

3. Sleeves Details

Take note that original Nike’s AeroSwift jerseys have intricate detail on the sleeves too. Nike added a special messaging that is woven underneath their soccer sleeves. The authentic jerseys feature the words “Valent and “Un Crit” on the underside of both sleeves which means “Our Cry is Bold” in Catalan.

4. Authentic Tag

A Nike jersey is authentic if its authentic tag is gold and not silver which should be found on the bottom right of the shirt’s panel.

Now that you know what to look for when examining the features of an authentic soccer jersey, be sure that the fabric is heavy and you’re all good. Be a smart buyer by doing your homework to avoid fake soccer jerseys!

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